My rates are per pet and determined by the amount of time/detail added into a drawing. All commissions are digital only.

Progress video included!

Doodle: $25 (You want a drawing without breaking the bank. My most popular tier!)

Simple Drawing: $50 (Quality you'd expect on a mug or sticker.)

Semi-detailed: $100 (I call this my "basic tattoo" quality tier. )

Detailed: $200 (My "storybook quality" tier. You're planning to frame this in a prominent place in your home.)

Extreme: $400 (I'm drawing every hair.)

Higher quality, better lighting, multiple pictures = better reference for me to work from. If your pet has an Instagram, etc. that works too.

Commissions must be paid in full up front with PayPal or Venmo before I will begin. If you prefer a two part payment plan, please email me at before submitting your commission form.

For each picture commissioned, I will find a random person on Reddit or Instagram and gift a doodle in your honor! This drawing will be shared on my Instagram in the same post as your commission (or alone, if you choose to not have me post your drawing.)


Click the button below to fill out a commission form.  You'll then be asked to submit payment through Venmo or PayPal. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email confirmation that I received your payment and you've been added to the queue.

If you have any questions, please email before submitting.

Venmo & PayPal: @idrawdogs


What's your current turn around?
- 10 days or less for Doodle/Simple Tier. 2 weeks for all other Tiers.

Can I pay with something other than Venmo or PayPal?
-Not at this time.

Can I post the finished drawing anywhere?
-Yes! I ask that you credit but I will not hunt you down if you don't. If you post it, you can mention me and I'll come say hi!

Can multiple pets be in one drawing?
-Yes! My rates are per pet, but there's an option on the Commissions Form for your pets to be on one canvas.

Can I tip you?
-Well I'm not going to say no. If you pay more than the required amount for the chosen tier, I will consider this a tip. If it was a mistake, I will refund you the extra amount.

Can I order a physical print?
-Please see my Printing page for assistance with printing.

Can I get a rush order?
-A rushing fee may apply. Email to find out if rushing will even be necessary.

What if I'm not happy with the drawing?
-I will try my best to make sure that won't be the case. You can suggest changes to the final drawing so long as they aren't major. A different style or pose would be considered a major change. I will work with you till you are satisfied. 

Can I get a refund?
-If you request a refund and I haven't begun your pet portrait, you will receive a full refund. If your portrait was Semi-detailed or above and I have already started the pet portrait, you will recieve half of the full commission amount.