Animal Shelter Commissions

Commission a pet portrait to be done for an animal in need of extra attention at an Animal Shelter of your choice.

There are three Tier options for digital Shelter Commissions. See my Gallery for examples:

Doodle: $20

Simple Drawing: $45

Semi-detailed: $100

+$15 for 9"x9" Physical Print to be sent to the Animal Shelter (US only, rush shipping). If commissioning multiple drawings, this only needs to be added once.

You choose the Animal Shelter and I will contact them to find out which animal has been there the longest or needs some extra attention. This will be the animal I draw. I hope this will help them stand out!

Digital commissions can be posted by the Animal Shelter on their website, social media, or they can print a copy out. The new owners are free to contact me for the file.

If adding on a physical print, a high-quality print from will also be sent to the Animal Shelter for the future owner to enjoy. If the animal is already adopted by the time it gets there (yay!) I'll ask the shelter to forward the print.

You will be included on all email correspondence, where you will also get a digital copy.

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